Website rules and regulations

  • This website does not guarantee the authenticity of the products. This website is only an intermediary website.
  • This website does not interfere with the type of transaction in cash or card and only introduces those who advertise.
  • During the transaction, make sure that the items are correct and avoid buying damaged items.
  • First receive the item and after testing and making sure that it is correct, proceed to pay.
  • When buying, for example, a mobile phone and a car, the ownership documents of those items must be checked.
  • Before buying, pay attention to the photos of the items and be sure to ask questions if needed.
  • Please If there is any problem, complain personally to the wrong person.
  • This website has only the role of preparing and publishing advertisements, therefore, the buying and selling of any kind of goods is the responsibility of the parties to the transaction.
  • Please refrain from buying or selling goods if you are suspicious of the goods or the person doing the transaction. Do it.
  • Purchasing gold and expensive items must be done in a qualified center and avoid separate direct transactions.

Always try to buy the right stuff